Navigating Year-End Spend Downs for Resident Trust Accounts

by Senior Supply

As the end of the year approaches, nursing homes and long-term care facilities face a crucial task: ensuring that resident trust accounts stay below a specific threshold. This is not a mere administrative duty; it's pivotal to guarantee that residents don't jeopardize their benefits.

Understanding the Importance of the Threshold:
Resident trust accounts are designed to cover personal and healthcare-related expenses of individuals in long-term care facilities. However, allowing these accounts to exceed specific limits can have repercussions. Residents might become ineligible for benefits like Medicaid, compromising their care in the future.

The Role of Spend Downs:
A "spend down" refers to the deliberate, calculated spending of funds from a trust account to keep its balance under the mandated threshold. Done correctly, spend downs ensure continued benefits eligibility while directly enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Strategies for Effective Spend Downs:

  1. Prioritize Immediate Needs: Look into any immediate care products or services that the resident may require. This can range from personal care products to therapeutic services that haven't been availed yet.
  2. Consider Future Requirements: Investing in quality adaptive clothing or more durable medical equipment that the resident will need in the upcoming year is both a smart and necessary spend.
  3. Engage Residents in the Process: Often, residents have specific wishes or preferences about how they'd like their funds used. Involving them can ensure their happiness and comfort.

The Senior Supply Advantage:
Platforms like Senior Supply have emerged as invaluable tools in this endeavor. By offering a curated range of products tailored to the unique needs of nursing home residents, they make the spend down process both efficient and impactful.

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