Room Furnishing for Seniors

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    Room furnishing for seniors should prioritize comfort, accessibility, and functionality. Assisted Living and independent room furniture should aim to support a relaxed and convenient lifestyle, with features such as easy-to-use controls, sturdy construction, and soft cushions. Options like lift chairs, adjustable beds, and side tables with built-in storage can help seniors age in place with ease. Room decor should also be visually appealing and promote a sense of home.
    33 products
    Cora Armoire
    Cora Five Drawer Chest
    Cora One Drawer Nightstand
    Cora Two Drawer Nightstand
    Graham Five Drawer Chest
    Graham Six Drawer Dresser
    Graham Three Drawer Nightstand
    Hailey Five Drawer Chest
    Hailey One Drawer Nightstand
    Hailey Two Drawer Nightstand
    Oak Mohogany Cherry
    Oslo 1 Door, 2 Drawer Wardrobe
    Oak Mohogany Cherry
    Oslo 1 Drawer Bedside Cabinet
    Oak Mohogany
    Oslo 2 Door, 2 Drawer Wardrobe
    Oak Cherry
    Oslo 2-Door Wardrobe
    Oak Mohogany Cherry
    Oslo 3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet
    Oak Mohogany Cherry
    Oslo Four Drawer Chest
    Oak Mohogany Cherry
    Oslo Three Drawer Chest
    Pasedena Five Drawer Chest
    Pasedena One Drawer Nightstand
    Pasedena Six Drawer Dresser
    Pasedena Two Drawer Nightstand
    Talford Five Drawer Chest
    Talford Six Drawer Dresser
    Talford Two Drawer Nightstand
    Powered Bed Frame | 76"
    Pressure Redistribution Memory Foam Mattress
    Table Top Fan | 9"
    Air Purifier with HEPA Filter
    Touch Control Table Lamp | 2-Pack
    Manual Night Light
    Non Tilt Top Walnut Overbed Table
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    LED TVs for Senior Living
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    Window Air Conditioner Unit | 5,000 BTU
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