Senior Adaptive Footwear

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    Discover our collection of senior adaptive footwear designed for comfort, safety, and convenience. Choose from non-slip slippers, extra-wide diabetes slippers, and no shoe lace shoes. Our non-slip slippers provide stability with enhanced traction, reducing the risk of falls. Extra-wide diabetes slippers offer generous widths and toe room for swollen or sensitive feet. For easy wear, our no shoe lace shoes feature alternative closure systems. We prioritize quality materials that are gentle on the feet and promote breathability. Find the perfect pair of adaptive shoes to support an active and independent lifestyle in our collection.
    18 products
    Slip On Shoes for Seniors Without Laces | Black
    Extra Wide Comfort Shoes for Seniors | Black
    Women’s Lightweight Easy Walker Wide Shoes for Seniors
    Men's Lightweight Easy Walker Shoe | Black
    Men’s Neoprene Extra Wide Ultra Comfort Flex Shoes for Seniors | Black
    Rose Light Gray Black
    Women’s Extra Wide Easy Closure Jewel Slippers for Seniors
    Steel Navy Black
    Men’s Double-Extra Wide Slip-Resistant Slippers for Seniors
    Beige Black
    Women's Velcro Close Wide Shoe | Flexible Neoprene
    Black Dusty Rose Navy Wine
    Women’s Double-Extra Wide Easy Closure Slipper for Seniors
    Gray Black Navy
    Men’s Wide & Comfy Easy Closure Slippers for Seniors
    Navy Black Fuschia
    Men’s & Women’s Extra Wide Soft Fleece Diabetic Bootie Slippers for Seniors
    White Cream Navy Black
    Men’s & Women’s Simcan Diabetic Comfort Socks
    Rose Grey Black
    Extra Wide Easy Closure Women's Jewel Slipper
    Men's Velcro Close Wide Shoe | Flexible Neoprene
    Black Navy Fuschia
    Unisex Wide Diabetic Bootie Slipper for Seniors
    Black Mauve Pink
    Plush Bootie Slipper for Senior Women | Superb Comfort
    Beige Denim Misty Rose
    Womens Extra Wide Open Toed Shoes for Indoor & Outdoor
    Black Natural Rose Petal
    Womens Easy Closure Sandal for Indoors & Outdoors
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